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Philippine bet crowned Duchess Global in Miss Trans Global 2021

Albiean Revalde is an Industrial Engineering student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Hailing from San Dionisio, Iloilo, she is also an artist and activist



Miss Trans Global 2021 Sruthy Sithara from India. / photograph courtesy of miss trans global

Twenty-year-old student, Albiean Revalde, from the Philippines, was bestowed the Duchess Global title, equivalent to the first runner-up position, at Miss Trans Global (MGT) 2021, while Sruthy Sithara from India was crowned Queen Global or Miss Trans Global 2021 at the grand final ceremony of the London-based pageant for transgender women on 30 November. The crown was passed on to Sithara by the first winner of Miss Trans Global, Mela Franco Habijan from the Philippines.

Sixteen contestants vied for nine titles and 13 special awards at the contest that describes itself as the “future of trans pageantry” and a platform for LGBTQ+ activism.

Miss Trans Global Africa Charlene MacCarthy-Crabbe from Ghana. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF FB.COM/Charlene MacCarthy-Crabbe

Joining Revalde and Sithara were Monica Sarkisyan from Armenia; Addison Joy Harper from Australia; Mirelly Rocha from Brazil; Viviana Santibanez from Canada; Charlene MacCarthy-Crabbe from Ghana; Amanda Sandova from Indonesia; Bianca Sumi from Japan; Fazelyn Jaafar from Malaysia; Karla Michelle-Delprado from Mauritius; Lorena Barajas from Mexico; Adanna Electra-Joels from Nigeria; Lesly Quispe from Perú; Ariela Stanciu from Romania; and Vera Nicholle Joren from United Kingdom.

Marchioness Global Viviana Santibanez from Canada in beach wear. / photograph courtesy of miss trans global

The participants underwent weeks of activities and challenges including the Inauguration Ceremony, Leadership and Empowerment Training and Tea with the Queens. They also competed at the preliminary competitions, which included About My Country, Talent Show and Couture Show Indoor Interview segments.

The coronation event was held virtually from London, United Kingdom, and the program opened with the Parade of Nations, apparently inspired from much beloved segment of Miss Universe, where contestants introduce themselves and the countries they represented. Contestants also appeared in black beachwear and long gown segments.

Baroness Global Karla Michelle-Delprado from Mauritius in long gown

The top 13 contestants were announced and they revealed what they considered their greatest achievements. They were trimmed down to the top nine, who underwent the Decider Interview, answering the question, “What is the motto and tagline of Miss Trans Global, and how will you implement it during your reign as one of our reigning queens?”

Duchess Global Albiean Revalde from the Philippines

Sithara of India was finally revealed as the grand winner. She also won the Eloquent Queen of the Year award together with Revalde. Hailing from Kerala, she became the first Indian trans woman to win an international title. The model and actor previously won the title of Queen of Dhwayah and was one of four transgender women to be employed by the government.

Revalde is an Industrial Engineering student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Hailing from San Dionisio, Iloilo, she is also an artist and activist. She also clinched the Eloquent Queen of the Year award, Best in National Costume, and Activist Queen of the Year, which she shared with Jaafar of Malaysia, Quispe of Peru and Santibanez of Canada.

Completing the roster of winners were Santibanez, Marchioness Global (second runner-up); Jaafar, Countess Global (third runner-up); and Michelle-Delprado of Mauritius Baroness Global (fourth runner-up).

Sandova of Indonesia won the Miss Trans Global Asia-Pacific and First Princess Global title while Quispe clinched the Miss Trans Global Americas and Second Princess Global title. Miss Trans Global Africa went to MacCarthy-Crabbe of Ghana and Miss Trans Global Europe to Joren of United Kingdom.

The special awards were Best National Crowning Moment of The Year for Sandova; Queen of Hearts (Congeniality) for Sandova; Time Keeper of the Year for Santibanez; Glam Beauty of the Year for Sarkisyan of Armenia; Super Model of the Year for Barajas of Mexico; Gifted Idol of the Year for Barajas and MacCarthy
-Crabbe; Inspirational Queen of the Year for Sumi of Japan, Joren and Santibanez; Stylish Queen of the Year for Quispe; and Popular Goddess of the Year for Michelle-Delprado.

Public relations executive Janlee Dungca, Miss Trans Global Philippines National Director, was given the Monica Roberts Warrior Award (National Director of the Year 2021).

Miss Trans Global aims to inspire and empower trans women as well as “to raise awareness about the plight of vulnerable transgender women globally.” The winners of Miss Trans Global will serve as spokespersons on transgender and work with activist organizations.

“Miss Trans Global was conceived in 2017 but realized during isolation in 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic. Our communities around the world are often either stuck at home with transphobic family members, or homeless due to family rejections,” said Miss saHHara, MTG founder and president. “The discrimination we face worldwide was the drive behind our advocacy which helps to give a voice to our global community through the Miss Trans Global pageant.”

She added: “Last year’s winner, Queen Mela Habijan from the Philippines, and our new queen, Sruthy Sithara from India, encompass the activism vision rooted in our foundation as future transgender female leaders.”

The judges for Miss Trans Global 2021 were Brazil Noreaga from the United States, who won Miss Trans USA 2018; Cassie Brighter from Argentina, founder of The Empowered Trans Woman; Nikki Normanson, multi celebrated beauty queen; and Suma Abdelsamie from Egypt, a trans activist.

“I hope that these beautiful queens continue to use their social platform and positive attitude to educate, empower and inspire trans women across the globe, to show the world we can turn our assigned weaknesses into strengths,” Noreaga said.

“As a self-identifying, proud trans woman of color, I’m committed to working in a field that promotes all levels of education whilst inspiring and strengthening the LGBTQ+ community, and that’s why I enjoy being a part of Miss Trans Global. It is a fine example of change, education, normalcy and growth!” she added.